Canva++ / The Online Photoshop.


An Angular-Firebase project with 17 modules-

  • Complete Canva like functionality implemented on HTML5 canvas
  • A marketplace with vendor management
  • E-commerce with custom catalog management
  • 3 different admin dashboards

The Google for Designers


An Angular-Firebase project that-

  • Crawls 30 Billion+ graphics from 150+ websites
  • Displays them in a single Angular SPA
  • With Advanced Filters implemented with Angular7
  • Personalised search algorithm with contextual results based on user history

The Univeral Scraper Chrome Extension

Bolt Copy-Paste SuperFast

Another Chrome Extension Built on Core JavaScript that-

  • Scrapes tens of thousands of pages from multiple directory websites.
  • Handles 4 different types of complex captcha images
  • Uses ip-switching and variable wait time with every request
  • Syncs in real time with database with pause feature so that no data is lost on abrupt closure.

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